Studio Hayes | Chicago Communities Kiosk

Chicago Biennale Lake Front Competition Prototype, 2015

Communities Kiosk designed in collaboration with T3 Architects. 

Cities are built on community. The Communities Kiosk is a new public platform, it is both architecture and public infrastructure. It is an innovative new Kiosk for Chicago lake front that will provide a platform for the people of Chicago to sell, perform, debate and enjoy themselves.

The kiosk responds to the ever growing city, it seeks to reconnect the outer city to the lake-front. The kiosk is configurable to accommodate an eclectic and diverse mix of people representing all communities across the city. Chicago is a city of neighbourhoods and communities and we want the kiosk to celebrate this, over each year the ambition is for the kiosk to represent each of the 77 community areas within the city. The kiosk seeks to reconnect people from all parts of Chicago to the Lakeside and celebrate in the diversity at the heart of every community.

PROGRAMME | Multi function kiosk/research

COMPETITION | Chicago Biennale